Whale Watching

There is some evidence that my blogs have been read as Meg’s Aunts Jayne and Nancy wanted to experience some of the same adventures as we did on our Christmas Vacation. So the four of us went Extreme Whale Watching on the Alika’i on Friday afternoon.

The crew: Jayne, Nancy and Mark

The Photographer, Meg

The first thing we saw were the spinner dolphins resting inshore. They were quieter that the previous trip.

Spinner Dolphins




The whales were not inshore so we had to travel a ways to find them. Along the way we picked up a bottle nose dolphin that decided to ride the bow wave. It was fun to watch.

Bottlenose Dolphin

Riding the bow wave

The next creature we saw was a green sea turtle.


Shortly after we saw a momma Humpback whale with a baby in tow.


Baby checking us out (VIDEO HERE)


Fin Slaps

We moved on to watch other whales and in transit we picked up a pair of spinner dolphins riding the bow wave. The video is delightful.

Spinner Dolphins (VIDEO HERE)

We saw a few more whales but the swell was sufficient to make good photography challenging. We did take a few pictures.

Humpback Whale


Whale on Swell

On the way in we were escorted by sea birds. They put on quite a show. If you watch carefully there is a cookie in the video.

Seabirds (VIDEO HERE)

It was a very pleasant afternoon. It lived up to the Aunts expectations.

Mark, Meg, Jayne and Nancy