Tax Week Blog

Spring has finally truly arrived. It is past mid-April and our homage has been paid to Uncle Sam. It is an onerous task we undertake each year. Somehow I only took 115 pictures and as usual, nothing ever happens in Newmarket.

One of our concerns is that the foxes would push the turkeys out of our yard. That does not seem to have happened.

Tom (Video of me teasing Tom)

Fortunately, Tom was not the only turkeys we have seen as we have also seem some hens. Question: What happens when you mix Tom and Hen turkeys? Hopefully baseballs!

Hen Turkey

We have been seeing the foxes fairly regularly. When we walked Frodo the other morning we came across the female fox sunning herself and she showed no fear of us. I called her ‘Lady’ so I guess that makes the male ‘Tramp.’ We also named the woodchuck ‘Chuck.’ Once you name them, I suppose they are pets.


The heron was on the near shore when the Tom Turkeys were at the bird feeder.

Tom Turkeys and Heron

Heron Grooming


The fox isn’t the only predator in the yard. Yesterday, Wink watched an eagle catch a fish. She said it was quite exciting. This guy came and checked out the squirrel dispenser.

Hello Squirrel

Coopers Hawk

Keeping an eye on the bird feeders

This Friday is our turn to host the local BYOB. I imagine you will have a hard time figuring out the theme, but let me introduce Poncho Cybil.

Poncho Cybil

Happy Cinco de Mayo.


Mark and Wink