Sweet Trail 2016

We spent three hours on the Sweet Trail again with Lyn Rodger this year plus Steve and Drea. (We went last year as well and that trip is documented here.) This year instead of heading directly to the Heron rookery, we started on the Great Bay side of the trail which terminates on the bay across a tidal estuary from Moody Point where we live.

View of Moody Point from Sweet Trail Terminus on the Bay

We saw quite a few waterfowl on the swamp grass. The swans often hang out in this area but we didnít see any.

Canada Geese and Goslings

Out for a swim

Sitting on Nest

Greater Yellow Legs

Seagulls hanging out

Osprey on nest

We then headed toward the heron rookery.

Mallards on pond

Tree Swallow

Garter Snake

Heron Rookery

Heron on Nest

Another occupied nest


We counted a total of six nests and most were occupied when we were there. It was fun to watch the herons. We also saw a turkey vulture over fly the area and I took a quick picture.

Turkey Vulture

It was a very pleasant way to spend a morning.


Mark and Wink