Sport Fishing

I met two of my sisters, Jayne and Nancy for a week’s vacation in Hawaii to get away from the winter. We stayed with Meg. We decided to get out on the water again and chartered the Mazel Tov for a full day sport fishing. This was the same boat we went on our Pelagic Bird Watching expedition. The fishing trip lived up to our expectations. We started at 6:00 AM from the dock, which meant we got up at 4:45 AM to get ready. There was a nearly full moon and it was still an hour before sunrise.


The Moon

Nancy and Jayne

Nancy and Mark

Fish On!

Hard Work

Short Billed Spearfish (first fish)


The Catch

Nancy was next up and she wanted to outshine her big brother. She was raring to go:


Fish On!!!

How about a little help?

Nancy was getting tired of fighting her fish, a blue marlin! They had to gear the reel down so she could gain ground on the fish.


Nancy’s Fish


Our Photographer

Meg took most of the pictures on this trip.

On the way in we did a plankton tow for Meg and she got her samples.


Plankton Net


Early Assessment


It was a good trip. I am still rocking as I draft this blog.


Mark, Jayne, Nancy and Meg