Pelagic Bird Watching

We waited until our last day on Island to go out Pelagic Bird Watching. The reason we waited was for better weather and sea conditions. This was the calmest day in our window of opportunity. So we got up early and got on a chartered fishing boat to go photograph sea birds. It was another eight-hour cruise. This time we headed south to some shoals. We departed about sunrise.



Pretty Day

The ladies saw a whale breach as we left the harbor.

Whale close to shore

Wink likes being out on the water

Diamond Head

The naturalist on board was keeping a record of the birds we spotted. He was also photographing them. It was a challenge to get good pictures as the boat was rocking and both Meg and I felt slightly green. Staring through the viewfinder didnít help with that.

Sea Bird


Booby on the water

On the way home we paused to drag a plankton net for Meg to get some samples.

Buckets for Plankton

Plankton Net

Dragging Net

Collecting Plankton Samples

So we got Meg got her plankton samples, so she was very happy.

It was a pleasant morning. We caught our flight at 11:20 that night and made it safely home to Newmarket the next evening.

Mark, Wink and Meg