New Hampshire Whale Watching

We went whale watching on the Granite State boat. The boat goes out at 8:30 AM and 2:00 PM and we chose the two PM trip. It was a calm sunny day and the seas were very light making for a near perfect whale watch. We got our safety briefing and we were off. We headed to an area just East and North of the Isle of Shoals. Visibility was excellent, great for picture taking.

Send off Committee


Departing Rye Harbor

Isle of Shoals

Isle of Shoals

Isle of Shoals

I suspect our next bird watching expedition will be the four-and-a-half-hour trip to hike on the Isle of Shoals. There were a lot of birds around the islands.

Thar she blows!

Finback Whale (Crow)

The first whales we saw were minke whales but I was unable to get any pictures. Very close the isles we came across two finback whales feeding in the same area. We watched them for a while and then headed further out.


Finback whales



Humpback Whales – Mother and Child


Pinball’s Tail

Deep Dive

Apparently Humpback Whales are positively buoyant and to take a deep dive it is useful to raise the tail high out of the water. This gave us some good looks at Pinball.

Close Pass

The whales dove right under the ship and sprayed us as they took a breath.


It was a very pleasant whale watch.

Beautiful Day


We took some video and created a short movie of the experience. You can find the video here:

Whale Wat ching Video

We have been learning to use movie maker and will try to incorporate more video into the blogs for now.

A good day:  Mark, Wink and Meg