Mid-May Blog

Things are greening up here but we are still short our usual rainfall and could use a good soaking. The weather has warmed up but we still have not gotten out on the water, mostly because we’ve been busy with the house and gardening. With the decent weather we’ve been walking Frodo twice a day and I now take the camera with me on most walks. It has been a very pleasant spring. I will try to entertain you with some more pictures.

Tree Swallow

Chipping Sparrow in mating plumage


Orchard Oriole



Female  Baltimore Oriole






Tom and Henrietta


Red Winged Blackbird


Chipping Sparrow

Mocking Bird


There were over three hundred pictures to sort through for this blog. I put out a pre-blog here and tried to choose different pictures for the full blog: http://mmoeller.net/2016blog/Ha_Ha.htm.

We have been weeding the gardens and we moved some ferns from the blueberry garden to under the trees we cleared last year. We can see the ferns from the porch and the dining room.

Transplanted ferns

Wink ordered a new outdoor table and chairs so we can eat on the porch. They are plastic so can be moved to the new patio if needed.

Time for some chillaxing

We also got a new kitchen toy, a spiralizer, and we have been having fun with it.

Sweet Potato Hash Browns with Eggs

Potato Pancakes

Settling happily into spring…

Mark and Wink


Meg and I still have the photo competition going, counting the tines on the feathers. I found it easier to do if the feather was separated from the bird.

Feather - Tines


Feather and Tines

Tines on Female Oriole