Mid-February 2016

Until recently, we have had a fairly mild winter. February seems to have changed all that because first we got snow and then bitter cold. The snow and cold has increased the animal activity in the yard as they compete for food. The past couple of nights it has been more than ten degrees below zero. Winter has arrived.

Snow and Cold

Heavy wet snow

Deer foraging


Hungry enough to share

Hungry Seagulls

Yummy Crow Food

Flock of English Starlings

One of the important features of our yard is that it has a fresh water spring where the animals can drink. Here is a crow at the spring. The yard has food, shelter and water and supports quite a variety of wild life. I think the spring is important as we frequently see animals taking advantage of it.

Crow at Spring

Starling on Suet Feeder




Animal Tracks in Yard

You can see the spring down to the right where the snow has melted. There are tracks to and from it.

Female Cardinal

Male Cardinal

Deer at Bird Feeder

Glam Shot

Deer at Spring

Drink of Water



Fox hunting mice

The yard continues to amaze and delight us.


Mark and Wink