Mark’s Marvelous Birthday Adventure

Jayne and Nancy decided to visit Hawaii over my birthday in late February. Meg was busy with work and school so she invited me out to show the ladies around. It turned into a Birthday Adventure Week! The week consisted of dining, hiking, aquarium and deep sea adventures. If you have to have a birthday, why not really celebrate.

I arrived Friday night and my birthday was on Saturday. The idea was to get an extraordinary birthday meal and we accomplished this by going to DK Steakhouse in Waikiki.  Jayne arrived early enough that afternoon to join us for the birthday dinner. Jayne ordered fish, Meg had the 30 day aged ribeye and Mark treated himself to the tenderloin.



30 day aged ribeye steak

Sides – Asparagus, Onion Rings and Truffle Potatoes

The consensus was that the tenderloin was the best entrée and the truffle potatoes were superb. We had a bottle of Shiraz with the meal. Ice cream and birthday cake was for dessert.

Birthday Boy

Jayne’s Dessert

Pumpkin Ice Cream

 Birthday Cake

We were scheduled to go fishing early Sunday morning. We got up at 4:30, got breakfast and headed to the dock. When we arrived, the boat crew suggested we reschedule to Wednesday because it was just too rough to go out. I heard that there were 60 foot swells on the North shore so we agreed to postpone. Apparently the surfing was great and they held a surfing championship event. So we went on an early hike and then to the Sea Life Park to visit the birds.

Checking Tide Pools





The ladies had fun


Meg lives on a ridge and there is a hiking trail at the top. We took advantage of it at least three times during the week I was there.

Ridge Hike

Rest stop on ridge hike

We made two attempts to get to Ka’ena Point, neither of which was successful. Monday afternoon we drove to the Western end of the island to try to walk in on the Southern route and got a surprise. It made us realize that maybe it was a good decision not to go deep sea fishing the day before.

Some Wind and Waves


On Wednesday we went fishing and it is documented here:


The second attempt was on Thursday and the Northern route was open. It was raining and heavy spray when we arrived.

North Shore

The path was soaked and the footing was terrible. The mud just caked to our shows and made walking a challenge. We finally gave up and consoled ourselves with shave ice.


Heavy Shoes

Shave Ice

On Friday we went whale watching. This adventure was documented in another blog:

This was a week of culinary adventuring. Meg got a new slow cooker and the ladies got her a cook book and slow cooker utensils and then made a practice recipe: beef brisket.

Beef Brisket

Fish Stew

Breakfast Fish Burritos Stuffing

The Chefs

Chocolate Volcano

Top of Waikiki

Garlic Shrimp


California Pizza Kitchen Thai Chicken Pizza

Tenderloin with Roasted Vegetables

Somehow I survived the week but had a great time with Meg, Jayne and Nancy.