MAUI: The Road To Hana

Meg and friend went to Maui for about a week. First, they drove the road to Hana. Never do this. The passenger will enjoy it a lot and desire to go back, and the driver will never want to go back ever. Meg drove, and her friend learned a couple new swear words.


The first night we set up camp on the beach. It was very windy and the tent threatened to blow away with us inside. However, the beach was very beautiful in the morning. There were a few crabs in residence.





After caffeinating ourselves, we started driving to Hana. Our goal was to see (and swim in) as many waterfalls as possible.






Swimming (video)


There was an arboretum we stopped at to look for some birds. Didnít find any birds, but did enjoy the flowers.


There was also a black sand beach with some black noddy birds in residence.

Black sand beach

Black noddy (video)



We camped for the night in Haleakala National Park a little ways past Hana. Somehow Meg survived both the drive there and the drive back.