Late March Update

Another creative name to a blog, it could also be called simple pleasures. We have had some spring like weather and our first daffodil bloomed.

Signs of Spring

We continue to see the critters coming by. The fox is alive and well but I havenít gotten any new pictures. So here are some pictures of spring activity in the yard.

Deer under alder

Fresh Grass



Mourning Dove

Mourning Dove Grooming (VIDEO HERE)


Juvenile Eagle on the Point

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Squirrel with apple core

Starlings on Suet

Sharp Shinned Hawk

The hawk made a pass at the bird feeder chasing the smaller birds and almost got one. The fox came along just after the hawk made a pass and no one was home, so the fox didnít hang out for a picture op. They are still around as other keep sighting the foxes.

I just keep taking pictures, for this blog I had to sort through about three hundred. The yard is constantly changing.


Mark and Wink



Easter Eats

Easter Brunch

Eggs Benedict with Hollandaise on Asparagus, Bacon, Fruit Salad, Coffee Cake and Champagne

Mixed Grill for Dinner


Dessert. Wink got the ears!

M + W