Late January

In January I decided conduct a grand experiment to try to wean the crows from the bird seed under our bird feeders. I added one cup of high protein dog food near our feeders. As you can see from the previous blogs, we are not entirely pleased with the results. We ended up feeding more than the crows and totally disrupting the bird feeders.

Seagulls we want dog food

Feed Us!

We previously reported that the eagles got and ate a crow. There was a crow size carcass left in our backyard which we left it for two days hoping the eagles or the fox would clean it up. It was in an area where we walk Frodo and he was interested in either eating it or rolling in it, which was not acceptable to us so I disposed of it. I guess my preconceptions and fantasies allowed me to construct the scenario I reported but the facts are not consistent with that reporting. When we got close to the carcass it was observed that it had webbed feet and therefore could not be a crow. The fact that it ended up in our backyard during this time period was at least partly serendipity. So one greedy/hungry eagle choose to conceal its feast from the other eagles by eating it in our backyard. The eagles are not the only birds of prey eyeing our bird feeders.


Coopers Hawk - Lunch Anyone?

Turkey Vulture with road kill

The weather has warmed up. At the end of January, we still had significant ice on the bay. The large tides and warm weather quickly removed the ice recently. We went on a shore walk with Frodo and took a few pictures.

Frozen Bay



Nap Time


Frodo on walk


Nap Time on three beds superimposed!

Great Bay

It has been a mild winter so far.

Mark and Wink