Jingle Balls

(nature inspired Christmas Decorations)

Mark was told to resist putting up his Xmas Decorations and needed a new outlet for his creativity, so Mark and Meg decorated Cybil for Christmas, ENJOY. You, gentle reader can decide if we met our intent.


Christmas Dress

Upskirt shot

Cybil or Cyrus?

Our Inspiration!

Wrinkly balls

Hairy Balls

Small balls

Twin Balls

Who you lookin at?

Lazy Balls


Shit Ball

Turd Balls

Woven Balls


Fuzzy Softball

I am so outta here

So, we had a nature inspired Christmas. It is not clear if the neighbors appreciate any more than our usual decorations. We need to get a kilt for Cyrus.

Just for completeness, we did enjoy Roast Beast for Christmas…..


The Chefs

Roast Beast

More blogs to come.

Mark, Wink and Meg

P.S. Sorry for the hiatus – we were obviously working hard on this masterpiece.