Early March

The mild winter continues. Experts say our plants are three weeks ahead of their usual timing. Last year I didnt need to start mowing the lawn until May but this year it looks like I will need to mow by the end of March. When we walk the dog in the morning, the air is filled with bird song. Our feeders have been mobbed by piggy birds again: English Starlings, Grackles and Red Winged Blackbirds.

Piggy Birds


Piggy Birds

Water Feature in Lower Yard

The crows are not bothered by the piggy birds too much but the smaller birds stay away when they are around. We put the last of the dog food out. We have decided not to continue the dog food as it was too disruptive to the birds we wished to feed. The crows continue to come to our feeder in spite of not offering dog food but the seagulls now stay away.

Feed Me!

Yummy! Last of the Dog Food!

We continue to see the fox and the deer. We have seen both of them quite regularly.


Shucks, squirrel got away

Camping Ground Hog Den

I give up!

Is the fox gone?

We saw the fox on one of our morning walks with Frodo. Here he is eating a squirrel. There is also video here: VIDEO1 and VIDEO2.

Fox Eating Squirrel (VIDEO1 and VIDEO2)

We have started to see male turkeys. These are our first sightings since winter and we saw both Toms and Jakes.

Tom Turkeys Long Beards

Jake Short Beard

Howdy Folks!

We enjoyed PI day with homemade apple pie.


So things are getting back to normal here.

Just Pretty

Yum Vin Santo and almond biscotti by the fire

Daffodils in a vase with an attitude!!

Marks Birthday Present from Wink

Mark and Wink