Early July 2016

We went to Dubuque, Iowa to visit my dad over the fourth of July and that is the subject for another blog. We came home to a very active yard. It has been hot and dry here and we are in a moderate drought situation with watering restrictions. It is just as important to put out water during the day as it is food. The animals have taken advantage of our bird baths and watching them has been an absolute delight.

Two Hens (we have not seen chicks with them)



The heron has returned to our yard to hunt chipmunks and entertain us with his hunting techniques.


This one got away! VIDEO HERE

This one didnít! VIDEO HERE



Bluejays like Markís blueberries


Baby Robin


The better to hear you by.

July is Winkís favorite month here and Mark just likes living here. Wink says October is OK too.

Mark and Wink