Early January 2016

OK so winter caught up to us. It went from lows 0f 63 and highs of 87 with relative humidity in 90s to lows of 5 and highs of 27. I am sure you feel sorry for us and I hope to reinforce that sentiment. It might be cold here.

Geese on ice flow

Might be cold

High Tide

Might be cold



It was very entertaining watching this fox. She made a pass at the squirrels at the bird feeder but they spotted her. So she went around the house and hid in the blueberry bushes. She got within a foot of a squirrel. If it had stumbled it would have been lunch.

The bird feeders continue to provide entertainment.


Red Bellied Woodpecker

Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal


Female Woodpecker


We noticed that the crows have been hanging around our bird feeders, so we decided to try to provide a crow specific feeding station. We already have six feeding stations at the bird feeders, finch feeder, select feeder, suet, upper scratch, ground scratch and blue bird mealworm feeder. So we did some research and found that the crows liked dog food, go figure. So we isolated a one cup offering of dog food specifically for the crows and watched what happened.

Dog Food Go Figure???

The crows spent two hours figuring out if it was OK to eat the dog food.

Is it safe?

Not dove food

Not Junko food

Lots of bird and squirrel activity no interest in dog food

Frank discussion Is it safe?

Mmmmmm dog food

Not yours






We have a fresh water spring in the lower yard. The crows were taking the dog food and washing it down at the spring. It was a most entertaining afternoon. So we now have a seventh feeding station. J

Mark and Wink