Early February

This could easily be called “Bird Feeder Saga Extreme.” The crow feeding experiment continues with the recent news being that the English Starlings have decided that they like the crow food as well. We seem to have garnered a large flock of starlings too.

English Starlings

Demolished the Suet in one day

Crows on Watch

Crows eating their food

Adult Bald Eagles on the Point

It is delightful to live here as things constantly change. Today we are getting three to five inches of heavy wet snow and I have taken 177 pictures before breakfast. The deer came out early and we had eight deer in the yard. As far as I can tell, they are all does.


Eight Deer

After the deer moved off, I went out and filled the bird feeders. Unfortunately the starlings appreciated it.


Starlings on Bird Feeders

Yummy!! Crow Food!!

Suet Feeder

With the snow cover a flock of robins tackled the black alder.

Robins in Alder Bush


Another Robin

Just Fun

The snow was heavy enough that it was not possible to see the point. The geese found shelter at the shore in the lee of the wind.


It turns out that the crows are not going to get any dog food today as it has already been claimed.


My what sharp teeth you have!

Healthy Fox

That’s all folks


The crow feeder experiment has not worked out as expected. So far the crows, seagulls, bluejays and English starlings all like the crow food. And now the fox has found it as well. Each day is a little different. I am still undecided whether to maintain the experiment or give it up. It has added a new dimension to the bird feeder but does seem to shut out the birds we intend to feed.


Now I have to bring in some firewood. It was an interesting morning.


Mark and Wink