Crow Feeder

I hadnít planned to blog again until the end of the month, but events caught up with me like they sometimes do. Then I couldnít decide what to name this blog. There was no way to anticipate how adding a crow feeding station to the bird feeder mix would so profoundly change the Bay Yard dynamic. We started by putting out one cup of dog food at 8:00 AM in the morning. The first day it took the crows two hours to decide that it was indeed edible and in fact eatable. The crows attracted the seagulls. These events were documented in the previous two blogs, new feeder and seagulls. The seagulls attracted the attention of the eagles and battled the crows for the dog food.

Eagles on Point



Wink noticed that the eagles turned and watched what was going on in our yard. Putting out the dog food had created quite a commotion. It had unforeseen consequences. Yesterday when I went out to put the crow food down, I walked into an eagle eating a crow. This was unexpected because usually the crows cooperate when feeding and leave one bird on watch. I guess the commotion and confusion broke that pattern and this guy got caught. I got the camera and camped the carcass hoping the eagle would return. It didnít but I got some nice pictures of small birds.

Crow Food

This morning when I was walking the dog around 8:00 AM, I came home to this:

Eagle looking for crows

Scrawny Two-Year-Old Eagle Camping Bird Feeder

When nothing was going on the eagle moved down toward the bay but stayed where he could still watch the bird feeders.

Eagle on Bay

Having the eagles around effectively keeps the seagulls away. Somehow the seagulls donít seem to like the eagles.

The crows are being much more careful when they come to the feeder and the seagulls are mostly avoiding it. I am undecided whether to maintain the crow feeding station or stop when the bag runs out. So far the crows, seagulls, red bellied woodpecker and bluejays have all taken part.


How much can you fit in?

A LOT!!!

How much can you fit in?

A LOT!!!

Leave some for me

The small birds are still around too. They donít particularly like the crows and hate the seagulls. They seem to hang back until the larger birds have moved on.

Gold Finch

Male Cardinal


Robin in alder


The deer have been around and bedded down in our back yard right beside the breakfast room window!

Bedding Down

Four Deer

The deer bedded down for a couple of hours and then at moon rise another five deer joined them and they started to browse.




Girls ?

I am glad we are inside and warm. The Moellerís yard can be a dangerous place to live.


Mark and Wink