Bay Yard Adventures

I was getting tired of the titles for the blogs. I still have plans to transition to Wordpress but donít hold your breath.

Our house and yard are laid out to maximize the view of Great Bay. The entrance faces the street, Lubberland Drive and that is called the front yard. Behind the garage faces West and is the Ďbackí yard. Facing South is the largest area and is called the Bay Yard. We have pasture, grass, fruit trees, gardens, bird feeders and the mouth of the Lamprey River in the Bay Yard. Most of these pictures were taken in the Bay Yard. It is winter here and we are seeing a lot of activity there.

Eating at our bird feeders can be hazardous. There are a few large hungry birds out there looking for a meal. Here are some we have seen recently.

Mature Eagle on the Point at the Mouth ofthe Lamprey River

Three Juvenile Eagles on Point

Red Tailed Hawk

Coopers Hawk

We have seen this heron a couple times. It is a wonder that he didnít migrate as winters here are very tough.

Great Blue Heron

Of course if the avian predators donít get you, the fox will have a go as well. We havenít seen or heard coyotes in a while. A fisher cat has been seen at the transfer station but we havenít seen it.


Just Pretty

Bird Feeders

We also have three bird baths, a heated one for the winter on the deck and two in the yard.

Heated Bird Bath

Our bird feeders have evolved as we watch what goes on. They have given us some pleasure over the past three years.

Bluejays in Scratch Feeder


Carolina Wren on Suet

Female Cardinals

Female Cardinal on Black Alder in Snow


English Starlings i.e. piggy birds

Three days ago we added a crow feeding station by offering the crows dog food. On the second day of the offering, the seagulls flew by to check things out. They did not land that day but did the next. The seagulls figure if the crows eat it, it must be good for them too.

Markís Crow Food!!!

Ours Now


Wink felt sorry for the crows so she took a second batch out for them.


Grateful Crows


The birds arenít the only ones that make our Bay Yard home. We also have a few deer. We have been seeing them recently, now that we have snow.

Glam Shot

So you can consider this our Mid-January Update.

Mark and Wink

(Would you believe that I took 500 pictures in the last three days.)