Back Yard Bird Watching

January 2015 Edition

The turkeys have been monopolizing the bird feeders this winter. Our bachelor group of seven males has incorporated the ‘Jakes’ and is now up to eleven. They have been showing up pretty consistently. They keep the other birds away.

Turkeys on Scratch Food

It has been cold here and the bay is starting to freeze over. Here are the ducks and geese huddled on the edge of the ice.

Ducks, Geese and Ice

The eagles have returned to their perch overlooking the point. The hawk has been a regular visitor to our yard as well.

Adult and Juvenile Eagle

Hawk (near shore) and Two Eagles (on the point)

So we placed a scratch feeder where the hummingbird feeder is during the summer. It is right above the heated bird bath. Our birds live in luxury.

Heated Bird Bath

Scratch Feeder

Jumping with joy?

The scratch feeder has been a great success. We are using no mess seed in it. Even the squirrels appreciate it.



It is the coldest so far this year and as a result the birds have been active.

Blue Jay

Cardinal and Finches




Female Cardinal

Junko under Black Alder Bush

English Starling



Cedar Waxwings


Meg produced a video for your viewing enjoyment. It is on Youtube and is entitled ‘Bird Butts.’ So here it is:


Bird Butts

Click Here for the Bird Butt Video

More Bird Pictures

It was hard to choose which pictures to include in this blog as there were quite a few decent pictures. So here is a bonus set just because.



Meg’s Assistant Videographer


Our holidays are over and Meg has returned to school.

Happy New Year from the New Hampshire Moellers!

Mark, Wink and Meg