Our nephew, Mato, visited us here for a week and we did some adventuring. We went out on the bay.

Mato Paddling

Andrew helping Mato

We went to the movies and tried out the adventure chairs, demos for the Man from U.N.C.L.E. movie.

Theater Motion Chairs

We went to the Maine Highland Games.

Maine Highland Games

Vendors (Does anyone read the Outlander series)?

We went to the Albacore Submarine Museum in Portsmouth. The Albacore was a test submarine that was used to experiment on hydrodynamics and propulsion. It was produced at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyards.


Counter rotating propellers


Conning Station

Crew Galley

Sonar Station

Machinery Space

We also went back to Bedrock Gardens in Lee to pick up the house sign we commissioned.

Metal Sculpture




We told the sculptor we wanted a heron-like bird for our yard sign. This is what she came up with. We have re-homed her to our driveway so far. She needs a name.


Yard Sign for 27 Lubberland

We thought to name her after one of the sirens. Instead we are floating the name of a muse: Sybil. We need to have a naming contest as it is still up for discussion. Any ideas?


Mark and Wink