Sweet Trail Heron Rookery

One of our neighbors, Lyn Rogers, suggested going to the heron rookery and taking some pictures. So this morning at 8:00 AM sharp we headed to the Sweet Trail trailhead in Newmarket on Bay Road near the Nature Conservancy overlook on Great Bay.  The trail follows Lubberland Creek, hence the name of our street: Lubberland Drive. We hiked up the hill to a marsh and here is the rookery.

Heron Rookery

Nest One

Nest Two

Nest Three (we did not see herons on this nest)

Nest Two

Turtles moving and look at the pollen in the water!

I think this is a decoy!

Barn Swallow

Canada Goose

Plants on Trail (What are these?)


The pictures at the rookery were taken looking east into the sun. I used the auto exposure and they ended up over exposed. I corrected the pictures using Microsoft photo gallery automatic correction and that seemed to improve things. I tried using some of the camera features but did not see the improvement that I think is possible. I keep learning new things about the camera and enjoying the adventure.

Mark and Wink