Still Early May

We were pleased to see the hummingbirds and got the hummingbird feeder put up. The next thing you know we see a catbird and put up the Orioles feeder. Wink was surprised they were here this early and wanted me to check when we first photographed them last year. The first pictures I found were on May 11, 2014. But they may have been here earlier than that and we just got the feeder up then.


Baltimore Oriole Female

Baltimore Oriole Male

Orchard Oriole Male

Canít Identify This Bird (We saw it last year as well) (brown headed cowbird female)

Red Tailed Hawk

Great Blue Heron


Male Hummingbird

Checking Out Oriole Feeder

Carolina Wren


Coopers Hawk

Gold Finch


Mourning Dove



Ground Hog

It seems Spring really has arrived. We were surprised the orioles were here but the data suggests we should have had the feeders up before this. There has been a lot of bird activity in our backyard and we have been enjoying watching it. The squirrels have really been a pest though.

We are expecting good weather for the next couple days and hope to get out on the bay for our first paddle of the year.

Mark and Wink