Spring Cleanup

It was a long hard winter that started with a heavy wet snow on Thanksgiving. We had significant damage to our trees due to that early storm that didnít get cleaned up due to the subsequent heavy snows. The continuous heavy snow also took a toll. Today Paceís Tree Service came to finally start the yard clean up. Next Monday we will have a landscape architect come to help us develop a master plan.It turns out that the elm tree that lost half its top had a rotten core and needed to be taken down. We had hoped to save it. However it does open up the area for the apple trees.

Rotten Elm

Gift from the arborist

The arborvitae next to the house were up rooted in the storm as well. They were removed today and the stumps ground so we can attempt new plantings.

Cleaning Up Uprooted Arborvitae

The trees on the driveway were damaged in the November storm. They cleaned up that mess and removed three arborvitae that the deer had savaged.

Driveway Mess

It took three people with heavy equipment four hours to take care of our mess. It was good to get it done.

Apple Trees

Uncovered House

The Japanese Maple in the front yard got crushed by the snow. Apparently it was a graft and today it was trimmed to just above the graft. The hope is it might come back as it had a well-established root system.

Need to rethink this garden

Think of it as another opportunity

Life goes onÖ.

A male strutting his stuff

Hello Beautiful

Object of his affection

Visitor to the bird feeder

We continue to make progress, sometimes in unexpected directions. The yard and itsí beauty continue to delight us.

Mark and Wink