This was the front entrance to the house when we bought it. The arbor vita on the far left was lost to a storm last Thanksgiving. The main problem was that the front walkway had settled over time and would become a skating rink in the winter. The drainage was not great as the top of the drain was above the walkway. The front step was a rock and it had settled as well. Guests would have trouble negotiating the large step onto the porch. The area was also somewhat over planted. Wink wished to avoid another winter like last year so we decided to fix the front walk.

Front Entrance Spring 2012

We decided to hire a landscape architect to help us develop a plan for the property. We have a lot of plantings that we are not sure of how to care for. So Elizabeth Dudley developed a master plan for the property with fixing the front walk as stage one. This is her concept drawing for the front walk.

It was a journey from concept to completion. We dithered about what to do. Then we put the plan out to bid by two contractors and were a little nonplussed by the cost. We selected a contractor and then dithered some more about the content. Finally, we settled and scheduled the work which started mid-November. Before it started we removed two of the arbor vitae and we temporarily transplanted some of the ground cover, salvaging as much of the plantings as we could manage.

First Step (Mark and Wink)

Werk L

Building Materials

Equipment Removing Existing Step

Demolition and laying gravel bed



In Progress

New Patio

Lit by LED Lights

New Patio with Sod Ready for Party

Patio Party

Cybil (dressed for Christmas) has found a home at the front of the driveway!


Mark and Wink