We went on vacation in April and Andrew was house sitting for us. It was unfortunate but the drain in the upstairs bath tub failed and flooded the first floor.

Ceiling on first floor (water event)


First floor

Wink and Mark were in Hawaii visiting Meg when the water event occurred. Andrew was alone in the house at the time. We called our neighbors, Jim and Susie to give Andrew a hand. We also called the insurance company and they contracted Service Master to start the clean-up. They came the next morning with equipment to dry things out. It is surprising how much damage a little water can do.

Drying out ceiling

So we needed the ceiling repaired and repainted. The biggest problem was actually the wood floor. It absorbed enough water that some of the boards buckled. So there are ridges as you walk along the floor. Unfortunately the floor is contiguous from the dining room to the living room and breakfast nook. So whatever repair you do to the damaged area, you have to do to the whole floor. To take care of the floor we have to move out of that portion of the house. We are busy scheduling the drywall repair, the floor repair, moving company for storing the furniture and the painters. It is a work in progress.

Drywall Repair


Dry Wall repaired

Since we are getting some painting done, Wink thinks she would like to change the colors to better suit her decorations. She wants to change the breakfast nook and dining room colors.

Dining Room (textured green)

Nook color

The Help

We have the floor scheduled for the first week of June and we are working on the movers and painters. We are making some progress. Hopefully tomorrow we will pick out the colors for the painting.

Mark and Wink