More Snow

It did snow for two straight days and we got on the low end of the predicted snow, about fifteen more inches of fresh light snow. So for your enjoyment here it is:

Yep, there is a truck under there

Ah! There it is!


Mark Feeding the Birds

I use the same trail each time I feed the birds. The snow gets compacted and eventually it is like walking on stilts. I try to stay in the same foot holes but if I miss, I slide off into deeper snow. The birds appreciate the bird food.

Bird Feeders

Scratch Feeder



Carolina Wren






Female Cardinal

Female Cardinal


Pine Siskin

The mammals are having a hard time as well.

Bird Feeder Raider

Bird Feeder Raider Persuader

The landscaping crew has been busy. They are having a tough time with the deep snow. It is up to their withers.

Landscaping Crew


Not all mammals are having it as tough…

For Meg

We got a break from the snow. We were expecting more snow Thursday and Sunday but the current projections are for these storms to stay south of us. We got the decks shoveled for the fourth time with Andrew’s help and, I have to admit, I am tired of it.


Mark and Wink