Moody Point Bird Walk

Saturday morning May 9, 2015 was what has now become the annual Moody Point Bird walk, hosted by Andra and Dave. We gathered at 8:30 AM at Trail Head One on the east end of Moody Point. Here we are at the start.

Moody Point Bird Walk

It was about 46 degrees and overcast with a very light breeze at the start of bird walk. We started off seeing birds at neighbor’s bird feeders. We saw catbirds, finches and sparrows. We headed out on the trail until we could see the Osprey nest. The adult Osprey was near the nest and flew over to check us out but I was too slow to get a picture of it. There was a chick in the nest.

Osprey Nest

Osprey Chick

We also saw herons, ducks and Canada geese on the bay. There were cormorants flying overhead as well. I attempted to get the camera on the flying birds but consistently failed.

Cormorant and ducks

Herons and Canada Goose on Nest

Heron, Canada Geese and Ducks

We walked along the East shore to the screen house on the point.


Bluejay playing peek-a-boo



Red Wing Blackbird Male

We then walked along the South shore. I did get a couple of pictures of the shore birds but they were not as sharp as I would like. There were swallows in the air but I didn’t even try to photo them in flight.

Black Gull

Greater Yellow Leg

Greater Yellow Leg


Red Winged Blackbird Male

Red Winged Blackbird Female


We finished up at our yard and the turkeys put on a show.

Strutting Jake

Strutting Jake

Hen Turkey

We finished the walk at Trail Head Three about 11:00 AM. It was a very pleasant morning stroll.


Mark and Wink