Mid May 2015

The bird channel continues to delight us. We have a new pair of birds that visited our scratch feeder on the deck this week.

Rose Breasted Grosbeak (male)

Rose Breasted Grosbeak (female)

The orioles are still coming to the feeders as well. We are seeing a good mix of Baltimore and Orchard Orioles.

Baltimore Oriole (male)

Orchard Oriole (male)

We have one hen turkey that seems to be hanging out in our yard. There are several males vying for her attention.

Hen Turkey

We have a group of three Jakes that stalk her. Wink calls them the three stooges.

Three Stooges

Jake On Display (short beard)

Mature Tom (longer beard)

For the most part, the hen ignores the advances of all her suitors as far as we can tell.

We saw a green heron this morning. We also saw several great blue herons.

Green Heron

Great Blue Heron



Work Boat

Paddle Board

We haven’t been out in our kayaks yet. The dock is in and the weather inviting but somehow we have been too busy….

The trees are in full bloom

Six yards of mulch

New pansies and bird bath out


Mark and Wink