Mid-June Update

No excuses, I haven’t blogged for two weeks and I have been slacking on taking pictures. We have been seeing the deer regularly during the day. We have seen fawn tracks but have not seen the fawns yet. The young male turkeys have been regular visitors and we have occasionally seen a female. We have not seen any turkey chicks yet. We added a new scratch feeder to the lawn and another hummingbird feeder. We did finally get some rain in June and things are greening up.


Little Bucks in tall grass!

Apparently deer squat, who knew?

Eating Mark’s Blueberries L

Enjoying Mark’s Blueberries L

New Bird Feeder and attachments

Blue Jay

Red Winged Blackbird (male)



Brown Headed Cowbirds (male and female)

Brown Headed Cowbirds (male)

Mourning Dove

The starlings are not supposed to be able do this L

Red Bellied Woodpecker

Hairy Woodpecker (female)

Finches ?



House Update

We continue to make progress on the house. We had the wood floors on the main level refinished and the walls and ceilings painted. Yesterday we got our furniture out of storage. It has only taken seven weeks to get this far.




New Dining Room Color

The next blog should show more of the progress on the house. We got the tapestry hung yesterday. I will take color pictures with better light. We are expecting new furniture and another rug as well sometime in July.

While others  have been working inside we have been busy outside. We bought and planted more mostly perennial flowers and have mulched the gardens. It is already time for round two of weeding. The rain also means we need to start mowing the lawn more regularly again. Sigh.

The ‘bird’ channel keeps us constantly amused and we hope to see some more offspring soon.

Mark and Wink