Mid July Blog

We were away from the house for the first week of July. We went to Dubuque, Iowa for a family reunion that will be the subject of another blog in the future. The flowers were just budding as we left and we came home to an explosion of colour. There were flowers blooming in all of the gardens. We even have a Yucca blooming for the first time since we moved here three years ago.


Yucca bloom

Day Lilies

Day Lilies

More Day Lilies

Daisies and Day Lillies

Front Garden

Puffball mushroom

The bird channel has been active as well. The hatchlings have fledged and we see the parents feeding the chicks routinely.

Baltimore Oriole

Orchard Oriole

Baby Blue Jay

Feed ME!!!

Female Oriole

Male Turkeys (we have not seen chicks this year L)

Our berry bushes are starting to produce and have become a grand feeding station.

Markís Blueberries

Black Raspberries

Getting Markís Berries

I want blueberries


Happy Catbird


In line for berries

Berries for Pancakes!

Our apple trees are full of fruit. They are very heavily weighed down. The deer are harvesting the green apples from the lower branches. It is a big change from the previous year.

Many Apples

Mark and Wink

Not for the faint of heart!

We have had a heron visiting our bird feeder and berry gardens for the past several days. I saw it catch a chipmunk but didnít get any pictures. The next day Wink videoed it hunting and I got some pictures. The day after that Wink watched it eat a chipmunk in four bites. So it has eaten three of our chipmunks that we know of and it keeps hunting for more.

Great Blue Heron

Hunting Video CLICK HERE

The Catch - Lunch Anyone?

The yard continues to amaze us. It is a delight to live here.