Mid-August Update

Our dry spell has been continuing. We did finally get some rain but the grass is still not growing particularly well. We continue to see critters in the yard. We haven’t seen the turkey hen with the chicks since the last set of pictures. We have seen one doe with twins and two does with single fawns. We managed to get some pictures of the fawns meeting.

Fawn (distinctive nose coloring)

Two Does and Two Fawns



We have seen the bucks fairly routinely. Here they are going after Mark’s apples!

Mark’s Apples


Save some for me

We have had a lot of hummingbird activity recently. They should be migrating soon.


Male Jake Turkey

Wink took a quilt class and there was a quilt show afterwards. We had a pleasant weekend and I got more licorice at Chutters!

Quilt Show

Wink’s Favorite

Eye Candy



Mark can cook? At least he can make pancakes……….

Blueberries, Strawberries, Cherries and Coconut


Red, White and Blue Pancakes (Polly’s Pancake Parlor Buckwheat)

Mmmmmmm coconut on rwb pancakes!

We continue to have fun.

Mark and Wink