Late May 2015

We have been really dry here. Somehow we missed the spring rains almost completely. There was so much snow in the winter; we did not have to mow the lawn in April. Since then it has been so dry in May the grass is growing really slowly and it only needed mowing twice in May. We are hoping for rain as it is really dusty when we mow the lawn. On a bright side, the turkeys arenít having any difficulty finding an area to take dust baths. It may be a tough summer on our vegetation. I guess weíll see what happens.

We were worried that taking a vacation in April we would miss the turkey courtship. It turns out that it was not a problem this year. We are seeing a lot of courting activity in May this year.

Tom and two hens

Video of Tom Gobbling click here

More Video click here

Camping the bird feeder!

Dust Bath outside our kitchen window

Click here for video of dust bath

Click here for second dust bath video

The turkeys were not content to just dig in the back yard, they also decided to dig in the freshly mulched garden. It is so dry they donít have any trouble raising a cloud of dust.

Dust Bath

Click here for video of dust bath

Click here for second video of dust bath

The turkeys arenít the only ones putting on a show. We continue to see the song birds, eagle, deer and woodchuck. We even saw the fox along the shore in the early morning. We were not able to get a picture of it.

Crows found deck feeder but had a hard time getting anything

Hummingbird on grape jelly at dusk


Eagle on the point

Female house finch (we think)

Chipping Sparrow (we think)

Orchard Oriole

Female deer (likely pregnant)

Male deer

Winkís brother, James, was here visiting for a week. Her brother, George, came up for lunch on Memorial Day with his wife, Rebecca, and son, Warren. Warren is thirteen months and quite cute.


Warren alias flower picker

Warren and Frodo

Frodo is fourteen years old and wasnít keen on playing with Warren who was a little too much for him.

Beam me up Scottie!

George to the rescue


We have more yard work to do. The movers are here now and the floor work starts next Monday. Verdi will be boarded during the floor work and maybe during the painting too.


Mark and Wink

Doe on Beach

Red Bellied Woodpecker


More Turkey Gardening

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4