Late March 2015

You know the old saying about March: In Like a Lion – Out with a ROAR! Okay that is not really the saying, that is just more whine from Mark. It is snowing as I type this. Wink and I agree, enough already. So for your viewing enjoyment, the lingering winter:

More Snow but ice is clearing


Crow says ‘Feed me!’

Hawk says ‘Lunch anyone?’

Who am I?

Seagulls on ice


Swan saying ‘My ice flow’


Segregation !

It is not all that bad. We have been getting an occasional nice day. But the critters are still hungry.

Early Spring Landscaping Crew?

Eating Shoots






Two Hawks (must be spring)

Robin with nesting material

Wink and I took advantage of the weather and took Frodo for a walk. He appreciated it.

Spring Walk

Great Bay

Common Goldeneye Ducks (migrating through)

Common Goldeneye Ducks (male and female)

Blob in Tree

Close up of blob

Another tree blob

Close up of tree blob (notice birds?)

Wasp Nest and trees with buds

There is nothing like a hearty breakfast after a spring walk. Here is a bed of cottage fried potatoes, asparagus, broccoli and a fried egg with a side of fruit.

Newmarket breakfast

So we are seeing signs of spring, but winter continues to linger. The bay is frozen in the morning but the tide and sun break up the ice pretty quickly. The house and yard and it’s inhabitants continue to provide a great deal of delight and amusement.

Mark Moeller


PS – I got a new camera with 83 X optical zoom. It is a Nikon Coolpix P900. Here is the sign on the point that we use as a reference for optical quality.

Optical Quality Improving

Blogging and picture taking remains fun.