Late June Blog

We have gotten some rain and things have really greened up around here. The bird channel has been active. We did finally see a fawn.

First Fawn of 2015

This guy keeps coming to our bird feeder. We hope he is eating the chipmunks…


And wouldn’t you know it, along comes this guy…


The woodchuck also paid the garden a visit. Now we know why we garden…..



We went to the Bedrock gardens in Lee NH during their open house. They are owned by an artist we wanted to meet. It is a garden on 35ish acres. It was a pleasant Saturday morning.




Road Runner

Wink Liked This


More Sculptures

To the artist, anything can be their medium….

Ent ?

Shoes ?

Mark enjoying garden by a Monet inspired lake



We enjoyed visiting the garden and got some ideas for our yard. We also commissioned a four to five foot sculpture of a heron-ish bird holding a #27 as a yard sign for our house. Looking forward to seeing how it turns out.


Mark and Wink


Ps: June slipped by pretty quickly.