Late July 2015 Blog

We went to the Glasgow Lands Scottish Festival and made a weekend of it. It was an all-day Scottish Festival in western Massachusetts about a two and a half hour drive away. We left early Saturday morning dropping Frodo off at Andrew’s place. The idea was to have Frodo stay with Andrew and his cats. Then we drove to the Festival but due to traffic, construction, and thunderstorms we missed the opening ceremonies. So we grabbed lunch and headed to the concert tent. We made it to the tent just as a big thunderstorm crashed and boomed around us. It knocked the power out at the tent so the music venue was somewhat off schedule. We listened to music until about 9:30 or 10:00 PM at night. The music venue was right next to the beer tent. We crashed at a hotel for the night and visited Wink’s friend Kay McGinley for brunch on the way home.



CLICK HERE Pipe Band Music 1 and CLICK HERE Pipe Band Music 2

We enjoyed the music and the visit with Kay who is a fabulous chef. We had enough fun we plan to go to the Maine Highland Games on August 15, 2015. Having the dog stay with Andrew didn’t work out as well as we hoped. The dog undertook to protect Andrew from his cats! He spent his time harassing the cats and keeping them from the litterbox. We need to better socialize Frodo with the cats to prepare for future trips.


The yard continues to delight us: the heron has been a regular visitor, ( Wink and Andrew saw him eat another chipmunk)  deer have been active during daylight,( Wink saw a doe with twins and our usual doe with a single fawn in the yard at the same time)and the three turkey jakes we call the ‘three stooges’ have also been regular visitors. The orioles seem to have raised their young and largely moved on. The same seems to be true of the blackbirds and we are starting to see raptors again.



Heron in the Yard

Scouting from the apple tree

Heron close up

Fawn chasing Heron

Heron gives up

Swallowtail Butterfly in Garden

Who dat? With the big beak


Grabbing a bite to eat

Eagle on Point drying off

We look to be busy in August and then school starts in September.

Mark and Wink