Late January Blog

This blog seems to have devolved into a bird watching site. Our birding has brought us a great deal of delight and amusement and it is fun to share it. This blog takes place in between two major snow storms. The outdoor critters are having a tough time.

Mist on the Bay (-3 degrees F)

After the storm

The turkeys showed up. The snow is too deep for them to walk. One flew past my window and overflew the bird feeder and ended up mired in the snow. The snow is too deep for their feet to touch the ground and they are having a tough time.

Tough Time for Turkeys

I give up

Roosting in Tree


The turkeys arenít the only ones having a hard time. The deer are back and wading through the snow to forage in our yard.

Bye-Bye Rhodies

Even the crows are stopping bye.


Hawk Keeping an Eye on Things

Backyard Bird Watching Continued


Robin eating whatís left of Alder berries



Carolina Wren

English Starling and Red Bellied Woodpecker

Mourning Dove

Bird Feeder Video

Warm and Comfy Inside

The next storm has started but that will be the subject of a later blog.


Mark, Wink and Frodo