Late February

February was the second coldest in New Hampshire since records have been kept. We didn’t set a snowfall record but we were in the top five for February. February slipped out cold and March joined us with another two inches of snow. It has been a cold and blustery day but it was really pretty.

Fresh Snow

The birds have been enjoying our bird feeders. For some reason they are a little skittish.

Time to Boogie

Lunch Anyone? (Coopers Hawk)

This guy dropped in and preened on his perch for about half an hour.

Hawk Preening Video Here

Another Visitor (Jake Turkey)

Jake Walking in Deep Snow Video


Danger (notice buds on tree)

The bird feeder raiders have been very active. It can be a challenge to keep them off the porch feeders.


Looks Innocent

Drink of Water

I Love Bird Food

Bird Feeder Raider Persuader (somewhat ineffective)

This has been a bit of a challenging week as Frodo has been sick. He has been to three different Vets and seems to be feeling better.

In need of mommies attention

Feeling Better!

We are ready for spring and sure we’re not the only ones!

Mark and Wink