January Snow

It is the twenty-eighth of January and we had had a pretty mild month. On the twenty-sixth we had a bit of a weather event. We had a full blown Nor’easter complete with blizzard conditions for over four hours. When all was said and done we ended up with an official twenty-nine inches of snow in Newmarket. The drifts are somewhat deeper. We were fortunate that we did not lose power during the storm. I took 392 pictures so this will be a two part blog. Just so you don’t think we got off too easy, we are expecting another foot of snow this weekend. So for the curious, this is what twenty-nine inches of snow in one storm looks like.

Snow – Blizzard Conditions

First Pass with Snow Blower

We decided to move what snow we could the first afternoon of the snow storm. It was a good choice as this represents about the halfway point in the snow.

Snowing – Dog can’t see out the window


Clearing the Decks to fill bird feeder





Good Supervisor



Some Snow

Driveway – Second Pass

Yep – We got some snow

Our House


We got through it in good order. The cleanup will take a day or two and hopefully will be done before the next storm starts. Can’t quite imagine where we’ll put more snow.


Mark and Wink

Supplementary Blog: Blizzard Bird Watching (in progress)

Deck After Snow

Bleah – Snow

Deck After Shoveling

Tired Out

Mark and Wink

Blizzard Food – White Bean Chicken Chili