February Snow

We got more snow after the blizzard. We have shoveled the porches two more times. It is almost becoming tiresome. Schools were cancelled for a second time. We do have snow.


More Snow

Even More Snow

Tired of the Snow

Glam Shots



The small birds mobbed the feeders during the snow storms. The snow also caused trouble for the turkeys and the deer. This turkey flew in to survey the yard and startled us!

Young Jake on the Balcony

Handsome but cold

The deer have been starting to come to the yard. The rhododendron and female holly have been picked over already.

Bye-Bye Rhodie

We dug a trench to the back yard. It serves three purposes. It lets us dig out the heater vent during a storm, provides a place for the generator and gives the dog a place to toilet.

Backyard Trench System

Heater Vent

You would think that having a heater vent that close to the ground would be against building code in a climate like ours but we have only had to dig it out during blizzards. Mostly there is enough heat output to melt the snow.

The deer have taken to using our trench system.

Deer trails intersecting trenches

Just to get a sense of what all this now looks like, here is a picture of my truck.


Deer eating Arbor Vitae

Frozen Bay

Just for your continued delight and amusement, we have ordered another ten to eighteen inches of snow for this weekend!!!

Mark and Wink

From Meg in Hawaii-humuhumu and raccoon butterfly fish