Even More Snow

Andrew says my blogs are getting boring: snow, birds, snow, birds and even more snow. But I suspect that my gentille readers delight in not being here. So we just had another snow event. The forecast was somewhat alarming and fortunately we did not lose power. In fact it seemed like a non-event until I went outside and started to move the snow. We are like Boston in that we are running out of places to put the snow. If we get much more we will have to lift it over our heads to clear the paths. For your continued enjoyment:


The snow was piled even higher on the truck and then the wind sculpted it. The snow blower has reached the height limit that it can throw.

Snow Shoveling

Blowing and Drifting Snow

Neighbors Porch

The birds have appreciated our bird feeders. Right now it is a challenge to get to our garden bird feeder. I filled it just before the storm. Now my path is all drifted in and I will need to bust a new one. I think Iíll use the snow shoes the next time I fill it.

Just Before the Storm


Itís tough out there

Pine Siskin


Female Cardinal

Male Cardinal

Red Bellied Woodpecker



? Bird

Carolina Wren



Valentineís Day Breakfast

Mark Cooking

For your continued enjoyment we are expecting more snow Tuesday into Wednesday and another storm to follow that.

We are in fact getting a little TIRED of the snow.

Mark and Wink