Enough Already

More Snow

More Shoveling

We had another snow event since the last blog. We are getting about two measurable snow falls a week. The snow accumulation on roofs is becoming a serious problem around here. They have had to close several schools until their roofs are shoveled as well as a local mall. It can be safely said we are getting a little tired of it. We continue to feed the birds. Even that can be a bit of a challenge.

Busting a new trail to bird feeders after wind blew the snow

Shudda used snow shoes

The birds appreciate the effort.

Mourning Doves seem to have found some friends!

Male Cardinal


Carolina Wren, Winkís favorite

The birds arenít the only ones visiting the bird feeders. The squirrels visit too. We also had a visitor we have yet to identify. Here is the visitors trail.

Tracks in new snow

Who am I?

Andrew wanted to try to identify the tracks, so he went down to investigate. He filled the feeders at the same time.



Close Ups

So at this point, we think these tracks are from a mammal about the size of a skunk. But we are not sure. We will try to figure it out. We have had recent coyote tracks in the yard near the house.

Mark, Verdi and Frodo

Verdi is fine. Frodo is at the vetís getting an IV and is being treated for pancreatitis. Mark had cataract surgery and now only needs glasses for reading. This is causing Mark some adjustment as he was used to wearing glasses all the time. Because of the surgery, Mark couldnít lift anything over thirty-five pounds and needs to refrain from bending over. Wink got to deal with the latest snow all by herself.

Sunset tonight after a glorious above freezing day

Enough snow already,

Mark and Wink