Early May 2015

New Hampshire had Ice Out on April 24, 2015. Basically our yard had been on hold until then. It has since warmed up and it looks like Spring has SPRUNG. We may even need to mow our lawn soon. Our daffodils are up and even the double blood roots made an appearance today. We have hummingbirds back and a hen turkey showed up. The moon is full and the deer come into the yard at night. It is definitely a pleasure to be home after twenty five days away.

Blue jay

Gold Finch

Count the tines on the feathers Meg!

Who dat?



Geese pairing up

Swans Preening


Hummingbird J

Turkey Hen in yard

Double Blood Root (two blooms)

Double Blood Root J


Jake Turkeys

It just feels good to be home.

Frodo our cat-dog! Happy to have us home.


Mark and Wink