Early March - Signs of Spring

We finally see signs of spring! It got warm enough to melt the snow. We even used our grill today. I know: Pictures or it didn’t happen!

Its Melting

You Can See the Walkway!

English Starlings in Grass under Pine Trees

Bay is Melting

It has been a tough winter including over 100 inches of snow and the second coldest February on record. March started cold as well. We got up to 55 degrees today. We are enjoying the break from winter albeit a brief one.

We have seen one Jake turkey at the feeder over the last two days.

Jake Turkey

Gobbling – Meg says I need to get a video

Red Squirrel – A Fighter!





Gold Finch


Frodo has been keeping us busy. He had pancreatitis and went to three different vets to get it figured out. It turns out he was allergic to what we were feeding him. Sometime during the vet visits he picked up Kennel Cough. He is not a particularly happy camper right now but despite it all he is more himself.


Mark and Wink