Early August 2015

Somehow the house we bought in New Hampshire is a constant source of entertainment. We have a disease called Moody Point Tourette’s, which simply means look over there I can’t believe what I am seeing. I suppose it is my job to support this assertion:

Young Bucks

Eating Mark’s Apples!


Doe and Fawn

Herons on the shore (there were five but I was too slow)


Blue jay (CLICK HERE for Video)

Who dat? (CLICK Here for Video)

Who dis?

We had a confirmed heat wave’ which means three consecutive days over 90’ so we’ve kept the bird baths full and have been rewarded with many visitors. It has been a lot of fun. We just got notice that we have been so dry that the Lamprey River next to us is at dangerously low levels.  They expect to restrict our water usage. Please send rain our way.

Our first hen with chicks this summer

Seven ‘Baseballs’

This was a pleasant surprise, our first set of turkey chicks. It is pretty late in the season for them, so I guess we’ll have to feed them out to prepare for winter. We’ll see how many survive. However I am really happy to finally see a clutch.

We made a day trip down to Marblehead Mass. to visit with Wink’s cousins and did some sight-seeing afterwards.

Marblehead Lighthouse

Pleon Yacht Club races (Wink remembers them fondly)

Big Boy Toys in Marblehead Harbor

Saturday was our 34th anniversary. We decided to celebrate in style. We had an early snack and took the dog for a walk. Then we prepared a champagne brunch. We had poached eggs with a veggie topping and hollandaise sauce, maple sausage, coffee cake and fruit. It was a great way to start the day!



That was just the beginning. We had shrimp cocktail, grilled filet mignon, choock and sausage, roasted vegetables, wine and champagne with chocolate for dessert. Meg sent us some flowers for an accent. It was a very pleasant evening.

Shrimp Cocktail

Corn on the cob and roasted beets, sweets and onions

Mixed grille

Dinner is Served

Just Yummy

We finished the champagne on the covered porch as the moon rose, entertained by the lightening bugs and the peepers. It was a fine evening all around.

We are staying busy.

Love, Mark and Wink