Christmas 2015

This year we decided to spend Christmas with Meg in Honolulu. It is a bit of a shock to the system as the low temperature is trending toward seventy and the humidity is higher than that. Up on the hill where Meg lives, they don’t believe in air conditioning. Can you say drip, drip, drip? Of course you can! I am sure you feel sorry for us already. We went to Sea Life Park and the Honolulu Zoo. We have a few expeditions scheduled for the upcoming days subject to another blog.

Sea Life Park

Sea lion

Sea Life Park is very similar to what you would find at Sea World. They have plenty of marine mammals (monk seals, sea lions, dolphins) that they do educational shows and meet-and-greets with. They also have a modest tropical fish area. The big draw (in our humble opinion) is the aviary. They have a large fenced in area with populations of cockatiels and love birds (3 kinds) that are free to nest and breed. You can walk in, grab a feeding stick, and tempt them to your hand. The first one that lands is always very exciting. However, the real fun starts when you have two on your hat fighting, one on the camera case, and three vying for the feed stick…


Eclectus Female (not part of the aviary)

Love Birds


Love Bird

Honolulu Zoo

There is an impressive collection of birds at the Honolulu zoo, both those endemic to Hawaii and some beautiful non-native species. However, we did not take pictures of all of them due to the nature of their enclosures.



Mallard (not part of the exhibit. Protected by the migrating birds act.)






This is about the point in the zoo where Meg was left behind. She took too long taking pictures. We decided to hurry through the zoo and go get drinks at the local watering hole. Below are some of the pictures Meg took.


Night Heron

However, if you hurry then you miss out on birdwatching. This is the first time Meg has been able to get a picture of a black capped night heron. There is one that sneaks in to the aquarium in the morning and tries to fish in the outdoor edge of the reef tank. Poor fish.





(“She’s beauty and she’s grace / she’s elegance and taste / she is miss united states”)

Hamadryas baboon

Monitor Lizard

White-headed buffalo weaver

After the zoo, Meg opted to take pictures of birds in the park. Red-crested cardinals are all over the place.


Adult and Juvenile


We will update.


Mark and Wink and Meg and Andrew