2015 Craft Fair

We attended the 2015 League of New Hampshire Crafts Show  this year. We missed it last year because Frodo was sick. Andrew helped by taking care of the critters. Wink had fun talking to the vendors. We talked with a blacksmith and a metal sculptor and we looked at weathervanes to put on the garage. We’ll see. It was a pleasant way to spend the day.

Craft Fair – Vendors and Demonstrations



Raku Pottery Demonstration




Traditional Pottery

Woodworking (his guitar)



Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden


We have been seeing this little lady every day for the past three days. She looks a little harried.


Baseballs !


When we got home from the craft fair we ended up with a line of thunderstorms. Once they went by and the sun came out the sunset was gorgeous. We sat on the porch and watched the clouds roll by.


After dark the clouds put on quite a lightening show.

Storm at Sunset

August is looking busy. Hope you’re having a good summer.

Mark and Wink