Early Xmas Present

We were on one of our early morning walks shortly after we got the pictures of the Great Egrets and Blue Herons. I was lamenting my inability to adequately photograph what was happening on the point. Andrew, Wink and Frodo were along for the walk. I said I had been researching getting new equipment to try and improve my pictures for the blog. Here is a Google map of the problem. The distance from our house to the sign on the point is 1700 feet.

Distance to Point

I told them that I had a candidate camera that might let us get better pictures at that distance. I estimated I would need a 1000 mm lens for the 35 mm digital slr to get my desired image quality and I was unwilling to spend the money required to get that lens for the existing dslr. Sony and Nikon make high zoom point and shoot cameras that are affordable. The camera was the SONY DSC HX300B which can zoom to 50X optical zoom. They also make a 35X optical zoom camera that is much less expensive.  My thought was to buy the inexpensive camera and see if I liked it.  The inexpensive camera has a much more limited user interface and I posited that Wink and Andrew could use it if I upgraded. It is the SONY DSC H300. Wink and Andrew argued that I should get them both and save a step. So Andrew has the H300 at his house and is practicing taking cat pictures. So here is my early Xmas present.

New toy

This camera is characterized as a transitional camera from point and shoot to single lens reflex. Its user interface is not that different from my SONY slr.  So I started taking pictures right away. There is a sign on the point that I am using as a point of reference. Here is a picture of it taken at 50X zoom, hand held at about 1000 feet in direct sunlight. This is the image quality I aspire to at 2000 feet.

Sign used as reference image

50X Zoom Tripod Backlight 1750 Feet

I have not done a side by side comparison yet. I think the new camera is slightly better but it is much more convenient because it does not require a lens change to use the zoom. Here is the branch the eagles tend to sit on during the winter.

Branch used as an Eagle Perch

I had hoped that it would easily reach out and take the pictures I aspire to. It is clear it will not be that easy. So there will be a learning curve while I delve into the custom features I seem to need to get higher quality pictures. I have to remind myself that this is just a hobby for my amusement.

Here are some pictures for your amusement.








Crow in the rain


You can see the individual feathers but not the tines in the feathers, unrealistic expectations I guess.


Bird Bath

Video: Hot Chick in the Bath ßclick here for video


Video: Turkey Dance ßclick here for video

Cedar Waxwings



Who am i?





Geese on the Beach

Eagle with fish at 2000 feet

Eating the Fish

Herons at the Point


Time will tell if I made a good choice. Meg will be home for Christmas and she can school me like she has with my other cameras….


Harvest Festival

Wink and I went to a Harvest Festival. I have blogged enough so I will just append it to this blog.

Big Punkin





Wink went to Kittery Me, and remembered Mark. So my licorice stash continues to expand.

AHHHHH!!! Licorice

So we have optics in nearly every room. Soon we will have a camera in every room as well.


Mark and Wink