UNH Flower Show

Last Friday we went to the UNH greenhouses to attend the Poinsettia Trials. They had arranged each variety in a number of different categories for us to see and then vote on our favorites. Since they were all gorgeous it was very hard to choose.



The Poinsettia tree was spectacular

The curly leaves were interesting

This knocks your socks off

This was my favorite in years past

This one just glowed

More subtle speckles

Liked the splash of red on this leaf

Poinsettia tree again

A close up of the bottom of the tree

On to the hothouse..full of unusual plants

This orchid smelled like a gardenia flower mmmmm


Loved the spidery orchid

Huge Lemons

Lovely little pond with carp

Bird of paradise

Miniature poinsettias

My choice to take home and enjoy!


                         Afterward we enjoyed the annual Evergreen Art and Craft Fair in the student union and a Thai lunch before heading home. What a day!

Mark and Wink