Thanksgiving Whine

It has been twenty days and 500 pictures since I last blogged. I wonít even bother to offer an excuse because there really isnít one. Nothing extraordinary happened in that time but we still continue to take pictures and try to refine our technique. Up to now I had blogged three or four times a month.

This Thanksgiving was a little unusual. The night before, we were expecting a small Noríeaster. The forecasts were for those of us along the coast to be on the rain side of the rain snow line. So we laid a fire in the fireplace and enjoyed the event.

Snow on the Turkeys

Enough Already

Unfortunately we didnít get the rain they predicted, we got all wet heavy snow and medium high winds. We havenít lost power for extended periods here since we moved in until this storm. This one the dice all rolled badly. We lost power late Wednesday night and projections were we might not get it back for a couple days. We stayed up most of the night keeping the fire going to keep the house warm enough for the bird. Once the storm passed we set up the generator and got the heat going. We used the grill to make coffee in the morning. We were expecting guests for Thanksgiving and could not use the stove or the oven. Once we got the heat established, it was time to assess the damage and clear the driveway.

Driveway with branch cleared

Branch Down

Arbor Vitae Uprooted

Branch Coming Down

Black Alder Squash

Birch Trees

Visitor hiding

The arbor vitae were planted too close to the house and were over grown. We took the easy way out and put off making a decision. Well, decision made and they have to go. The storm damage was the most extensive we have experienced since we moved here. It really wasnít that big a storm, mostly just really heavy wet snow with moderated winds. The damage was discouraging.

Around 1:15 on Thanksgiving we got our power back. There are still 100,000 people without power in New Hampshire. So we were fortunate. We got the power back on before the guests arrived. We had a low key Thanksgiving and I enjoyed it but I was very tired from keeping the house warm the night before.

We had a cold November leading up to Thanksgiving. It didnít snow but it was cold when we walked the dog.

Dog Walking

So I have been taking the camera on the dog walks. Every now and then we see some birds.

English Starling

Finch in Apple Tree

Markís Black Alder Berries

Bluejay before and after rain


Tom Turkey

?? Thrush



So we continue to see a variety of wild life. There are still three herons. We see the eagles and hawks off and on. The male turkeys are a fixture in our yard and are occasionally joined by the females. There are also birds migrating through. It keeps us entertained.

We also have fun cooking.

Omelet with Cottage fries

Crispy Whole Fish Ė yummm!! And scorpion bowl

All Gone! J

This reminds me of the fish we would get at Mexican Restaurants. This was spicy and delicious.

So we had a good albeit challenging Thanksgiving.

We will leave the arbor vitae down for the deer to process this winter and then clean up this springÖ.

Mark and Wink